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Our End Of lease Cleaning Melbourne Service Gets Your Deposits Back

Do you know that there is a requirement of the leased residence to be thoroughly cleaned before the tenants move out of it to get returns on bond deposits? For ensuring a thorough clean of the rented accommodation, the tenant is required to spend a lot of time, effort as well as money in purchasing the cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment. However, the tenant is required to spend a great deal of time getting items out as well. This is where our end of lease cleaning service Melbourne would be of great assistance.

Our vacate cleaners clean right or re clean for free within 72 hours

Our team of bond back cleaners Melbourne uses the most sophisticated tools, technology, and environmental friendly cleaning solutions for ensuring a thorough clean of your leased residence. Everything will be taken care of to ensure that you get your bond back. Since moving out of the rented property is quite a strenuous job and thus our specialized vacate cleaning Melbourne service will take away all hassle out of this procedure.


What makes our end of lease cleaning Melbourne different from competitors?

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Experienced & Vetted Cleaners

Our company employs cleaning professionals who have a high level of experience in bond back clean and thus perform extraordinary work.
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Bond Return Guarantee

Our cleaners provide complete assurance to the clients that they will receive bond returns.
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Quick & Convenient Booking

We provide same-day service. Our team works 7 days a week and thus, they provide bond cleaning service during weekends and on bank holidays at no extra cost.
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Public Liability Insurance

All our cleaners are covered under public liability insurance and thus, you can hire us with complete peace of mind.

Truly Professional!

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Quick, honest, and affordable. Their rates are much more reasonable compared to other cleaning firms in Melbourne. Highly recommend!

by Mark S on 10-Jun-2021

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High Quality!

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Marvellous service and always on time. They arrange for specific requests too and the team are nice. Highly recommend!

by Scott Barnes on 15-Mar-2021

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Wonderful Work!

regal services melbourne

Great firm and the cleaners are great. My apartment is sparkling! Thank you so much.

by William Draper on 3-July-2021

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